KS Schwer 14 GTX - AKU Outdoor US
KS Schwer 14 GTX - AKU Outdoor US
KS Schwer 14 GTX - AKU Outdoor US
KS Schwer 14 GTX - AKU Outdoor US
KS Schwer 14 GTX - AKU Outdoor US

KS Schwer 14 GTX


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The KS Schwer 14 GTX is Listed in US Men's Sizes.
For US Women's Sizing, Add 1.5 to the Above Size.

Why We
Made This...

Designed for Difficult work and tactical situations in winter Alpine conditions

The KS Schwer 14 GTX is an extremely durable, comfortable and stable mountain boot. It is designed for hard use in hard conditions, even during the wintertime, for hunting, forestry work, and military use.

How We
Use This...


Keep your feet warm dry in all mountain conditions with the integrated waterproof GORE-TEX Insulated Comfort membrane.   

The VIBRAM Foura mountain sole is designed to carry you through any terrain. From rugged trails to winter backcountry conditions, it is there for you.

ELICA Technology ensures an anatomical fit to provide better stability and weight distribution across your boot sole to reduce pressure points and encourage better hiking form.


  • Lining Description:Waterproof GORE-TEX® Insulated Comfort
  • Sole: VIBRAM Foura Mountain Sole
  • Footbed: AKU Custom Fit Felt Insole with Foil Insulation Layer
  • Lasting board (stiffness): 6-4 MM Nylon & fiberglass for Stiffness and Protection
  • Midsole: Specially Constructed Polyurethane For the Military and Alpine Environments
  • Upper: 2.6MM Leather Suede
  • Weight: 910 Grams per Boot
  • Made in Europe


Customer Reviews

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Great Winter Work Boots

So far these have been great as my winter work boots. I live at 8000ft and work quite a bit outside. They are warm, grippy, and durable. The lacing system works well, with the lace locks I can change how tight they are depending on what I am doing. I wear a size 11 in all the AKUs I have owned.

varin thierry

Meilleur botte

Lindsay Reinelt
Can't Say Enough

With 35 years in the infantry I have used a variety of boots from standard issue in the early years to whatever we wanted to wear in the last few years. Long story short, I had a pair of expensive German made gortex mountain boots that literally made my big toes ache and blister. The footbed put all of my forward pressure onto my big toe and not the ball of my foot making any extended use a problem. For recreational use, I had purchased a pair of Aku lightweight gortex hikers and, later, a pair of Aku med weight gortex hikers. These boots have been awesome so after one too many blistered toes I ordered the KS Schwers to replace my German made boots. I will never go back (or change in the future). The footbed of the KS Schwer moves my foot naturally through a very smooth motion that keeps pressure distributed evenly across the ball of my foot not just my big toe. It distributes weight nicely and is extremely comfortable. The lacing system deserves special mention!!!! the unique locking hooks that are at the transition point between the arch of the foot and the ankle allow you to accurately tighten the foot portion of the boot without losing the "sweet spot" when you go to finish lacing the boot. I've found that a loser fit on the foot and tighter fit on the ankle works best for me and the lacing system allows for that in a uniquely effective way. It may make the boots a bit fussier to lace up but it is worth every second for the comfort and fit, I am going hunting in them in a couple of weeks and look forward to reporting back but the few hours that I have spent breaking them in has been absolutely painless. Thanks Aku. These boots ROCK (and so do my other two pair).