Adventure Awards Days 2016

ARCO (TN) / 30.09 - 3.10 2016

If you want something you've never had,try to do something you've never done.

Adventure Awards Days is the italian festival based on adventure and exploration, the place where you can live unique experiences, be inspired and share a passion.
It is the festival of those who love outdoor sports and nature, for those who want to try to make their life a unique adventure, for those who appreciate the beauty and to those who can get emotional for a dream.

If for you living is also dreaming, if you bring inside you that desire of freedom that drives you to always find your own way, maybe they'll say you're crazy.

If your glance aims to the extreme, shuns human's ambiguous landscapes and is not afraid to face the unknown, someone will call you irresponsible.
If you're note afraid to look into the eyes of your limits, if you take a backpack and go without asking yourself whether it is reasonable or useful, maybe they'll say you're careless, imprudent or insane, but you won't care of how people will call you because what really matters is how you feel about yourself, how the rock glances at you, how the water reflects you, how you are in front of yourself and how beauty pays you back.
Adventure Movie Awards started from here, from a crazy dream and the desire to find a place and time to get together and share this vision of the world.

With AKU

In the main square in Arco, in the Adventure Awards Days Village and on stage.
Meetings with explorers and sportsmen, book launches, technical events.
September 30th –October 3rd 2016.