Protect Yourself Online When Searching For Your Next Pair of AKU Boots

Are you looking to buy a pair of AKU boots, but aren't sure if the website you found is operated by AKU or an authorized AKU dealer? Please be careful when buying heavily discounted products, they can often be too cheap to be true. When attempting to buy AKU boots on these pages, it puts your personal information at risk. Protect yourself by buying only from authorized AKU dealers or an official AKU website.

The Official AKU Websites Serving North America


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Authorized Dealer Locator:

Please visit our dealer locator to find the in-person AKU dealer closest to you.


If you have a question if a website is legitimate or a dealer is authorized, please contact us and we can confirm they are an authorized dealer.


Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Internet fraud is an ever-present threat these days. We want to help you stay safe and make your shopping experience easy and secure.

  • Is the deal too good to be true?
    • If you find a deal on AKU boots that seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Does the website look official, but isn’t listed above?
    • There have been verified attempts to copy the AKU website to trick well meaning shoppers.
  • Are their things that don’t seem right when you are shopping?
    • Use your gut and if something seems fishy, it probably is!