Paolo Aralla, Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker

— photo Paolo Aralla by / december 2015


During a recent trip to the Faroe Islands (Fær Øer) Paolo Aralla filmed, for the Travel Blog by Michela Garosi (, the beauty of this amazing archipelago, made up of 18 islands immersed in the North Atlantic Ocean and which is a self-governed territory located further north but within the Kingdom of Denmark. The Faroe Islands, with its 50,000 inhabitants, are an extraordinary naturalistic paradise that unveils breathtaking landscapes, picturesque fishing villages, numerous species of birds and flocks of sheep. A magical place for photographers and globetrotting documentary filmmakers like Paolo Aralla that can’t be missed.
With a love for nature and action, Paolo deftly combines these two passions together in his work. For years he has been making impressive nature documentaries all around the world, reportage, high speed footage, aerial takes and photographs and much more. His videos burst with his strength and vitality as do his themes. Nature and movement are expertly and accurately captured as seen in WILD OLTRENATURA, which he produces, on Italia Uno TV channel’s WILD programme.

Paolo Aralla is the founder of Bapufilm, a production company specialised in outdoor sport filming and in the creation of documentary-style TV formats. He works with Mediaset, SKY, Disney channel, Fox channel and with National Geographic Adventure producing documentaries in various locations around the world.

Michela Garosi is a reporter from Florence. She created The Travelover , a travel blog which follows her adventures around the world and gives voice to curiosities, practical advice and amazing landscapes.