Sustainable leather

Design choices, construction techniques, guaranteed origin of the raw material and the selection of materials: these are all characteristics incorporated in a range of models that testifies to AKU’s commitment to finding design and production solutions that maintain high quality while reducing environmental impact. Local, traceable, made in Europe.

An exclusive first for AKU in the outdoor footwear sector by choosing Zero Impact®leather for the linings of its models in the AKU PLUS family. The result of an advance research project by DANI Sustainable Leather with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of production processes.

Relevant research is aimed at reducing or completely eliminating the main chemical substances that are potentially harmful for the health of man and of the environment. One of the most important objectives the company has currently set itself with regard to the safety of the raw material is to use DANI Sustainable Leather, obtained through a certified process of chromefree tanning and retanning of full grain hides from European cattle.

DANI Sustainable Leather was the first to develop Zero Impact® leather using a cutting-edge process that replaces chrome and heavy metals during tanning, reduces the level of CO2 emitted by 5% and cuts the remainder to zero thanks to certified reforestation operations.

EPD report at Environdec web site